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'Beadgee' – a piece, 2003

The book 'Three Young Rats and other rhymes', a collection of 19th century nursery rhymes accompanied by drawings by Alexander Calder (Moma, New York) serves as the starting point for this piece.

'Beadgee' presents a selection of original drawings that accompanies the rhymes; Users are invited to explode the drawings and create new gizmos and rhymes that are than exhibited in an open gallery. Accidental layers of meanings are created in the process.

'Beadgee' was commissioned by as a part of the "art of the narrative" competition.
Chemistry in art – 11/2003

Images from a future interactive installation participate in "Chemistry in art" an on-line exhibition; Jointly Published with the Special Issue on "Aesthetics and Visualization in Chemistry" by HYLE – International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry

On-line exhibition:
Enter and than select "tamar schori" - pictures
'Loomog' - a work in progress presentation - hybrid work