Tamar Schori - CV

1965 – Year of birth. Lives and works in Tel-Aviv, Jaffa


1991 B.F.A. in Fine Art
The Bezalel Academy of art, Jerusalem, Israel
Student exchange program - S.V.A, New York, USA

Selected Projects and events

"The Chant of the Dying Flesh"; part of the “Remote Connections” exhibition; curator: Amnon Barzel. Installation, Mixed media, including large ink-jet plastic sheets with 3d computerized generated imagery and real life sculptures

Exhibited at:
- Neue Galerie, Graz, Austria, during the Steriche Herbst festival
- Art Focus, International Biennale, Jerusalem, Israel
- Nikolaj Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

"The Delight of Deception"; part of the “Remote Connections” exhibition; curator: Amnon Barzel. Installation designated to passage ways; includes web transmission and 3d computerized generated landscape modeled to create a passage way.

Exhibited at:
- Waino Alto Museum, Turko, Finland.
- "The Holiday of Holidays" festival, Beit HaGefen, Haifa

"Geochronus Metalika"; an out door sculpture – a cube eliminated by 3d computerized generated archaeological scenery that obscured its features.

Exhibited at:
- Eretz-Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

- "Leube" Foundation, Artists in residency, Salzburg, Austria
- “Theme of Variations”, ACP Gallery, Salzburg, Austria
- “Hachmi collection – 90 years of Israeli art”, Tel Aviv Museum of art,

"Vitalia"; an air-inflated installation; includes a multimedia operated system; made of ink-jet printed plastic sheets of simulated inner-body artificial imagery.
- Art Statements, Art/30/Basel, Basel
- Fotohof Gallery, Salzburg, Austria (one person show)
- Chelouche Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel – generated images
- The first International trianala, Haifa Museum, Haifa, Israel

- Gut aufgelegt, Griffelkunst, Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Germany - images
- “Vitalia”, Installation, CYNET Art 00, Dresden, Germany
- The Vera, Silvia and Arturo Schwarz collection of contemporary art
Tel Aviv Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel

- Art forum, Berlin, Gremany
- "Vitalia-II" – Explora, Kalisher Gallery, Israel

• "Beadgee" – net art project, winner of the "art of the narrative" competition held by Impakt – Holand. Participated in Impakt festival 03
• "Tehom" – Abyss – Video loop, Herzelia museum, Israel
o Cuban biannial, Cuba

- Hachmi Collection, Israel (Phoenix art collection, Israel)
- The Vera, Silvia and Arturo Schwarz collection of contemporary art, Israel
- The Leube foundation collection, Austria

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Tamar Schori