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3 projects


Wabbits – 2006
A mundane Sisyphean reality manifests itself in the flow of communication media. In extreme cases unusual events burst into that flow and momentarily alter the rules of the game. Wabbits is an installation that contains about 20 toy rabbits and a video projection that simulate a computer game. The black rabbit is the player that moves amongst the toy rabbits who stand in his way. The black rabbit was stripped of his fur, he carries a surveillance camera between his eyes and his point of view is transmitted just above the game plain. Any collision between the black rabbit and a white rabbit sets the white rabbit on his way and causes a video flash that disrupts the projected point of view of the black rabbit. These video inserts reveal a flash of the inner world of the white rabbit. Rabbits continue to bump into each other triggering each other while obscuring the way of the black rabbit. The video projection is hectic and is influenced by the jumpy moves of the rabbits. The video flashes are extremely short and contribute to the hectic atmosphere. Once a black rabbit bumps into one of the doom rabbits that are located somewhere on the game plain the hectic switch of video flashes will cease and a whole complete video feed will take over the air as everything slows down significantly. The rabbit's world is indifferent and coincidental. It has no sense of priority or choice. We are to stand by their side and watch how the black rabbit grope his accidental way along the game plain.
Tamar Schori, Ronen Leibman: Concept Yair Reshef: Jitter Amir Marcovitz: Robotics


Abyss – 2003
Video Loop


Herzelia museum, Israel;
Chemestry in Art, Hyle - by HYLE – International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry

"Abyss", deals with matter. A Matter that yields to break loose of the restraints of gravity but remains encased within its boundaries. A Matter that may react, remember and forget. A matter that is reversible and flexible due to its inner qualities. An archetypical matter that bare resemblance to the Prima Materia (The primal matter, or the black stone in alchemy). Matter that evokes empathy and identification, that may lure and mesmerize. Simply matter.

Ferrofluid, the matter at hand, is part liquid part magnet. It is prepared by grinding magnetite in oil. The magnet's particles should be small enough to resemble liquid molecules. They should be small enough to "forget" their magnetic qualities and yet big enough to adopt magnetic behavior at the presence of a magnetic field. In the absence of a magnetic field it behaves like liquid. When placed in a magnetic field, the conflicting attractions of gravity, magnetism, and surface tension shape the ferrofluid in a way unseen elsewhere in nature.


Vitalia – 2000

"Vitalia" , an air inflated spiraled construction with an imbedded computer system at its core (4m width X 6m length X 4m height) was made from computer generated imagery of an imaginary inner world inspired by actual photographs of the inner human body.
A 3d file was constructed and a vast amount of images were created and tailored into a panorama that engulfed the construction. The original file could be accessed via a computer system embedded at the core of the construction. Session of interaction could be viewed outside the core in an embedded computer monitor.

Air inflated construction

a spiraled path leads inside



embedded computer game
  Generated imagery

Venues: Several international festivals in Europe and Israel (see: CV )
Interest: Physical constraints versus digital freedom; The inability to bridge the gap between physical and digital realities; Computer interaction as a private act viewed unknowingly in a public place; To achieve immersion without the use of visual aids and blocked stimuli.

Inspiration: Flip the world inside out; The body as an inner landscape; a frozen walk through (later seen in the frozen circular animation scene in the Matrix)

Techniques: 3d, inkjet printed posters, air inflated construction. - - click on projects